METCELL Water Thickener

* Makes bricklaying easier
* Stops mortar drying out too fast
* Bricks easy to bed down
* Mortar fluffy and easy to spread
* Use "clean sand" with no fatty clays
* Comply with Australian Standards
* Easy to clean brickwork, no staining from brickie's sand
* No air entraining plasticisers needed
* Improved mortar bond strength
* Brickwork lasts longer and looks better
* Mortar mixing is faster and easier

METCELL is a Class "A" Methyl Celluose Water Thickening admixture for masonry mortars as prescribed by the Australian Standards, AS 4773 & AS 3700  MORTAR MIX TABLES

Improves mortar workability, bond strength, durability, and allows bricklayers to conform with Australian Masonry Standards and best industry practice. 

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Mix Better Mortar For Easier and Faster Bricking

Why Use Metcell

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