A Better Mortar Mix

mortar water thickener bricks and mortar
Metcell is a methyl cellulose based water thickener as specified in Australian Masonry Standards; Table 3.2 AS 4773.2:2015 and Table 11.1 AS 3700-2011
  • Non-Toxic.
  • Improves mortar workability, bond strength and durability of finished masonry.
  • Increases productivity on site and makes laying easier.
  • reduces mixing time and extend working life of mortar.
  • Avoids reliance on air entraining mortar plasticisers, banned additives, fire clays and clay sands.
  • Reduces efflorescence in brickwork
  • Reduces amount of water required in the mortar mix.
  • Retards water evaporation and helps brickwork curing.

Metcell is a Non-Toxic dry powder and dissolves easily and  clear into fresh clan water.

Available in re-sealable 1 litre and 5 litre plastic containers or bulk packaging.

 For further information and mortar mixing instructions, refer to the product label or the video "How to Mix Better Mortar for Bricklaying"

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