Benefits Of Using Metcell

METCELL is a Mortar methyl cellulose admixture that conforms with the requirements of Australian Masonry Standards AS4773, AS3700 and National Construction Code NCC.

METCELL is recommended as an alternative to air entraining mortar additives such as BYCOL. 

METCELL is made for Australian conditions. Suitable for both warm and cold temperature extremes.

METCELL retains water meaning less water volume is used in your mix adding to bond strength. METCELL evenly distributes water through the mix, reducing cement clumping.

METCELL  prolongs the working life of fresh mortar by reducing the rate of water evaporation, which also improves mortar bond strength.

METCELL  makes mortar easy to work with without having to resort to illegal additives and clay-rich sands that can lead to unsightly efflorescence and lower bond strength.

METCELL  assists with reducing mortar shrinkage and cracking.

METCELL  compensates for poor grade sands.

METCELL  increases site productivity by making laying bricks and blocks easier and faster.

METCELL makes mortar mixing quicker and easier.

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