Don’t turn a blind-eye to Australian Standards

Don’t turn a blind-eye!



On many Australian building sites, clay rich sands, fire clays, air entraining agents, sweeteners and banned substances are mixed with mortar to make it more workable, often without the knowledge or consent of project superintendents and owners.

Inferior practises can lead to poor quality buildings, low mortar bond strength, efflorescence and other problems in brick and block work.

Australian Standards, AS3700-2011 Mortar Mix Table 11.1 and AS4773.2-2015 Table 3.2 clearly prescribe ingredients and proportions for mortar mixes; Clean Water, Washed Sand, Cement, Lime and/ or cellulose based water thickener for optimum mortar workability.

Don’t turn a blind eye ensure mortar mixes meet Australian Standards and industry best practice.

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