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No. METCELL is classified as not being dangerous or hazardous. Appropriate PPE should be worn when handling METCELL powder. Contact with eyes and skin or the inhalation of power should be avoided.

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 What types of Mortar mixes can METCELL be used for?

METCELL can be used with M2 ,M3 & M4 mortar classes Australian Masonry Standards Table 11.1 AS3700 or Table 3.1 AS4773.1.2015.

M2 mortar class is used in mild and interior conditions.

M3 mortar class is used in wet & dry and marine environments.

M4 mortar class is used below damp proof course and severe marine conditions.

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Can METCELL powder be added to a mortar dry mix?

To ensure a consistant mix METCELL should be blended with clean cold water as per the manufacturers dosage recommendations. Mixing with water first ensures an even mortar mix.

bricks and mortar Does METCELL affect the setting time of a mortar mix?

Because METCELL is a water retaining admixture, water will be held in the mortar mix longer. A slower set time means a stronger bond strength with better site productivity.

 Can METCELL be used in addition to other mix additives?

The manufacturers’ instructions for METCELL should be read in conjunction with other manufacturers instructions. Polymerisation of METCELL with other substances is unlikely to occur. METCELL is stable at ambient tempretures.

 Can Metcell be used with waterproofing additives?

Please consult the waterproofing additive manufacturers instructions before adding METCELL.

What type of sands can METCELL be used with?

Most sands including Sydney Sand, River Sand, Brickies white & yellow sand, Dune Sand, Fatty Sand and Course sand.

 Can METCELL be used in all weather conditions, humidity, temperature?

METCELL can be used in all types of weather conditions. From Hot and humid conditions of Northern Australia to the cold dry conditions in the South, METCELL is suitable for use throughout Australia and New Zealand.

What are some typical METCELL applications?

METCELL can be used in all types of Masonry construction and rebuilding. From whole new buildings and walls to rebuilding and repairs of existing structures, METCELL ensures compliance with Australian Standards and makes mortar mixes workable for better on the job productivity.

 Does METCELL affect the colour/texture of set mortar?

The consistency of the amount of water used in mortar mixed with Metcell ensures mortar courses retain an even colour throughout the job. Enhanced drying time allows for cleaner and easily raked joints.

 What is the recommended METCELL dosage into water?

Always read the instructions on the product label but typically 1% of METCELL powder is mixed into the water volume.

In other words, add 10ml of METCELL  for every 1 Litre (1000ml) litre of water.

If using the  30ml MEASURING SCOOP inside the METCELL bucket, 
Add One 30ml Scoop METCELL to every 3Litres (3000ml) water.

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