How to Mix Metcell into Gauging Water

The correct mortar mix for your project every time with METCELL™

First check mortar job specification and the Australian Standards to determine the appropriate mortar type for your project.

Then confirm mortar mix ingredients and proportions from the Tables in the Australian Standard.

Where water thickener is required in the mortar mix for improved workability and bond strength, follow these three easy steps:

STEP 1 – Measure and add 1.0% METCELL Water Thickener to fresh clean water.

In other words, add 10 ml METCELL™ to each 1000ml water 


1 litre of METCELL™ to each 100 litres of water


Add one 30ml Plastic Measure Scoop (Included in the Pack) for every 3 litres of water.

Generally: The volume of water required for a mortar mix is usually equivalent to approximately ¼ of the combined volume of dry sand and cement. Therefore, for every 4 buckets of dry ingredients allow approximately 1 bucket of water.

STEP 2 – Measure and add the required proportions of sand and cement and mix to a even consistency.

STEP 3 – Gradually add the water thickened with METCELL™   and continue mixing the combined ingredients for around five minutes for a perfect mortar mix ready for easy and fast bricklaying


METCELL™ dosage volume in water can also be decreased or increased by up to 50% according to the variations in sand, bricks or site conditions. 

Using METCELL™ is easy and has a wide range of benefits.

  1. Comply with Australian masonry standards and national construction code
  2. Improve mortar workability, bond strength and durability of finished masonry
  3. Increase productivity on site and makes brick laying easier
  4. Reduce your mixing time and extend the working life of live mortar
  5. Stop the use of banned additives and air entraining mortar plasticisers
  6. Reduce amount of water required in your mortar mix
  7. Retard water evaporation and enhance brickwork curing
  8. Avoid the risk of adding clay fines to sand






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