Metcell methyl cellulose water thickener for mortar was introduced to the Australian building materials market to supply brick and block layers with a versatile and easy to use additive for masonry mortar that improves mortar workability and bond strength. Don't risk your building project, only allow the use of mortar additives that comply with Australian Masonry Standards.

Methyl Cellulose Water Thickener bricks and mortar

METCELL methyl cellulose water thickener for mortar is a Class "A" dynex type Water Thickening admixture for use in cement mortars and renders to aid workability, retain water and maximise bond strength in masonry/mortar and cement render systems.

METCELL methyl cellulose water thickener for mortar has been developed to provide the Australian Building Industry with an alternative to Air Entraining Agent or AEA type additives, detergents, soft drinks, sugars and soaps which are illegally added to mortars on many building sites to make it easier to lay bricks and blocks, often at the cost of mortar bond strength and durability.

METCELL methyl cellulose water thickener for mortar helps reduce moisture evaporation and aids the curing of cement mortars and renders in warm and windy conditions.

METCELL methyl cellulose water thickener for mortar conforms to the requirements of AS 4773-2015, BCA, NCC and AS 3700-2011, Mortar Mix Classifications.

METCELL methyl cellulose water thickener for mortar improves the performance and quality of brickwork and blockwork with better workability, water retention, mortar working life, viscosity, adhesion, productivity and ease of bricklaying.  


Correct Selection and Mixing of Mortar for Brick and Block Laying.

Here’s some shocking information about bricklaying and illegal substances that not many people know,  every day on Australian building sites, bricks and blocks are being laid with mortar additives that are not in compliance with the Australian Masonry Standards and industry best practice. In fact these additives and substances are banned.

Its actually worse than that, most brickies and their labourers are ignorant about their huge mistake as these substances massively reduce the structural integrity and lifespan of the buildings.

 What we are talking about here is the use of Coca Cola and other sugar based drinks, Palmolive and other dishwashing liquid and high clay content “Brickies Sand” all added to the mortar mix to make it workable.

And here’s why they do it, sand and cement on its own is really tough to work with. The illegal substances are added to make the mortar soft and fluffy and easy to work with. This means the brickie can lay more bricks in a day and get paid more.

There is another big problem, the most junior person on the site, the brickies labourer is in charge of making up the mix. Often they are inexperienced and completely ignorant of the Australian Standards or how important the mortar is for the strength and life span of the building. Even when they do know and care, they are told by their brickie boss to “Do what your told or find another job”.

Metcell methyl cellulose water thickener for mortar is the solution to this huge and complex problem and the widespread use of illegal substances used in mortar. 

Don't fall into there trap of using sub-standard mortar on you jobs you can-

  • Get educated about why mortar bond strength is so important
  • Understand and build to the Australian Standard
  • Specify a mortar additive that increases bond strength
  • Specifically mention that you do not want any illegal and banned substances added to your mortar mixes.

METCELL® is a methyl cellulose water thickener for mortar that solves the problem of making a mortar mix that is easy to work with and increases bond strength and durability.


Try METCELL® today!

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