Mortar Mixes For Masonry

Bricks and mortar


Materials to use and how to make a better mortar mixes with Metcell®

Refer to Australian Masonry Standards AS4773 and AS3700 which outline the general classifications and permissible mixes and materials for masonry mortars.     

The Standards prescribe the specific requirements for the materials and compositions in the mortar mix including.


AS3700-2011, Table 11.1 Deemed to Satisfy Mortar Compositions

and AS4773.2-2015 Table 3.2 Mortar Mixes

Both standards prescribe the use of methyl cellulose based water thickener for improved mortar workability and prohibit the use of fire clays in mortar unless the proposed mix has been tested in accordance with the requirements of AS3700.  

AS3700 and AS4773 also prohibit use of "Detergent, sugar, beer, sweetened beverage and plaster of Paris are harmful to bond strength and shall not be used in mortar." Cement and building lime ...(a). Portland (Type GP)... Sand ...shall be free from materials deleterious to the mortar and to embedded items, and shall be chosen to produce mortar that meets the requirements of this Standard. Water - shall be free from harmful quantities of materials that are deleterious to the masonry, the reinforcement or any embedded items. Water that is potable is deemed to satisfy this requirement.

For improved mortar workability, Metcell® methyl cellulose water thickener for masonry, shall be added and dissolved in the gauging water before mixing with the other dry mortar ingredients. 


Mortar Mixes bricks and mortar


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