mortar water thickener

Do it right

Metcell has made it just so much easier on site. We can now get the the right mortar consistency to lay bricks and blocks and also know that the mix complies with the relevant Specifications and Standards. I recommend Metcell to everyone. It takes away the guesswork from getting the right mortar mix. 


Makes a great Mix

Finally an admixture that gives a reliable mortar mix every time. We no longer need to worry about our brickies adding illegal products like detergents, soft drinks and clays to fatten up the mix. Metcell is easy to use, improves the mix and increases productivity on site.


It Really Works

Our local sand is sharp and difficult to use without adding fire clays and air entertainers into the mix, which then creates other problems.  

Metcell really works!

We are now working faster and with peace of mind, knowing that our mortar is compliant and the best quality. A great product!